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This was her first time and learns to find pleasure in her submission. She becomes very obedient. The cock out of her and she is tickled more. She now has in her mouth. She is between her toes.

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This time SD owes Claire a ton of punishment. She screams so loudly and, even better, she breaks down into tears. With tears streaming down her face, all Claire can do is quiver, cry, and plot her revenge.

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PD wanted his cock sucked and he wanted it done well, so when Elise Graves manages to botch the job there is going to be hell to pay. It is a dangerous game he plays with her, having her balanced precariously while he canes the one leg that supports her weight. The reality is worse than she can imagine. Unless she can learn to unhinge her jaw Elise is never going to get it right.

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Everyone online had great ideas about all of the lovely things we should put her through, and PD, SD, Claire Adams and Damon Pierce were more than happy to make them happen.She starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water anyway.

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Mika gets more then she bargains for when she comes to the clinic for electro-shock treatment.

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She is placed in a spreader bar to the ankles, her arms pulled tight behind her back so she can't go anywhere. As we have here at Charlotte, and we are always happy to see such a beautiful, cruel woman take her sadistic pleasure from a male victim. She forced to strip naked, and then has needles stuck into her glowing ass.

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So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Sister Dee. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Sister Dee is nothing like the sisters she is used to dealing with. When she leaves Kristine still bound to her seat the only thing she does not turn off is the flow of current.

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Xana Star auditions for an adult movie. She also endures a nicely cropped pussy, hot wax, Kym's strap-on, a hogtie, and an overall humiliating but highly erotic experience.

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